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Immerse yourself in the world of Curiosity's Bags Collection, where the spirit of Africa meets functionality and style. Our collection includes a captivating array of African-inspired toiletry and travel bags, luxurious leather and animal skin handbags and luggage, and stunning woven bags. Each piece is a testament to African craftsmanship and the continent's rich culture. Explore our bags and carry a piece of Africa with you on every journey.

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Animal Themed Accessory BagAnimal Themed Accessory Bag
Animal Themed Accessory Bag Sale priceR 250.00
Colourful Wood Chip/Beaded HandbagColourful Wood Chip/Beaded Handbag
Handmade Half Moon Fabric PouchesHandmade Half Moon Fabric Pouches
Large Handmade Duffle BagLarge Handmade Duffle Bag
Large Handmade Duffle Bag Sale priceR 3,600.00
Large Animal Themed Toiletry BagLarge Animal Themed Toiletry Bag
Nepali Style Passport String Carry BagNepali Style Passport String Carry Bag
Small Nguni Patch Leather Sling BagSmall Nguni Patch Leather Sling Bag
Tan Zebra Skin Leather HandbagTan Zebra Skin Leather Handbag
Tan Zebra Skin Leather Handbag Sale priceR 4,500.00
Brown Springbok Skin Leather HandbagBrown Springbok Skin Leather Handbag
Springbok Leather Sling BagSpringbok Leather Sling Bag
Springbok Leather Sling Bag Sale priceR 3,500.00
Nepali Style Yoga BagNepali Style Yoga Bag
Nepali Style Yoga Bag Sale priceR 650.00
Sold outPink Zebra Small Zip Bag
Pink Zebra Small Zip Bag Sale priceR 350.00
Pink Zebra Toiletry Bag
Pink Zebra Toiletry Bag Sale priceR 420.00
Pink Zebra Pencil Case
Pink Zebra Pencil Case Sale priceR 350.00
Handmade Leather BackpackHandmade Leather Backpack
Handmade Leather Backpack Sale priceR 5,250.00
Handmade Half Moon Leather PouchesHandmade Half Moon Leather Pouches
Handmade Suede & Leather Zipper PouchesHandmade Suede & Leather Zipper Pouches
Handmade Leopard Print Fabric PouchesHandmade Leopard Print Fabric Pouches
Sold outZebra Skin Leather HandbagZebra Skin Leather Handbag
Zebra Skin Leather Handbag Sale priceR 3,200.00
Zebra/Nguni Patch Leather Sling BagZebra/Nguni Patch Leather Sling Bag
Tan Zebra Patch Leather HandbagTan Zebra Patch Leather Handbag
Tan Zebra Patch Leather Handbag Sale priceR 2,750.00
Sold outTan Springbok Leather HandbagTan Springbok Leather Handbag
Tan Springbok Leather Handbag Sale priceR 2,750.00
Leather Drawstring Bag With Zebra StrapsLeather Drawstring Bag With Zebra Straps
Sold outLarge Springbok Leather HandbagLarge Springbok Leather Handbag
Large Springbok Leather Handbag Sale priceR 3,000.00
Sold outLarge Nguni Patched Leather Briefcase/BackpackLarge Nguni Patched Leather Briefcase/Backpack
Large Checkered Antelope Leather Luggage BagLarge Checkered Antelope Leather Luggage Bag
Large Checkered Antelope Leather HandbagLarge Checkered Antelope Leather Handbag
Large Zebra Patched Luggage BagLarge Zebra Patched Luggage Bag
Large Zebra Patched Luggage Bag Sale priceR 5,500.00
Sold outBlack Springbok Leather HandbagBlack Springbok Leather Handbag
Black Springbok Leather Handbag Sale priceR 3,500.00