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Adorn your neck with the captivating beauty of Africa through Curiosity's Necklaces Collection. These handcrafted beaded necklaces, representing different African cultures, including Zulu, Xhosa, and Venda, tell unique stories and celebrate the rich tapestry of African traditions.

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Handmade Malachite NecklaceHandmade Malachite Necklace
Handmade Malachite Necklace Sale priceR 260.00
Thick Zulu Hand Beaded NecklaceThick Zulu Hand Beaded Necklace
Sold outThin Zulu Hand Beaded NecklaceThin Zulu Hand Beaded Necklace
Handmade Tigers Eye NecklaceHandmade Tigers Eye Necklace
Handmade Tigers Eye Necklace Sale priceFrom R 680.00
Mask Necklace Made With BoneMask Necklace Made With Bone
Mask Necklace Made With Bone Sale priceR 145.00
Zulu Hand Beaded Spear Fringe NecklaceZulu Hand Beaded Spear Fringe Necklace
Handmade Hematite Necklace
Handmade Hematite Necklace Sale priceR 240.00
Lizard Necklace Made With Bone
Zulu Hand Beaded Scarf NecklaceZulu Hand Beaded Scarf Necklace
Zulu Hand Beaded Scarf Necklace Sale priceFrom R 750.00
Zulu Hand Beaded Wedding Skirt NecklaceZulu Hand Beaded Wedding Skirt Necklace
Kenyan Choker Double Rings Beaded NecklaceKenyan Choker Double Rings Beaded Necklace
Kenyan Choker Looped Beaded NecklaceKenyan Choker Looped Beaded Necklace
Traditional Zulu Hand Beaded Necklace (Colourful)Traditional Zulu Hand Beaded Necklace (Colourful)
Traditional Zulu Hand Beaded Necklace (Natural Colours)Traditional Zulu Hand Beaded Necklace (Natural Colours)
Handmade Natural Wooden/Metal Beaded NecklaceHandmade Natural Wooden/Metal Beaded Necklace
Twisted Zulu Hand Beaded NecklaceTwisted Zulu Hand Beaded Necklace
Tooth Shaped Necklace Made With BoneTooth Shaped Necklace Made With Bone
Elephant Necklace Made With BoneElephant Necklace Made With Bone
Cross Necklace Made With BoneCross Necklace Made With Bone
Kenyan Hand Beaded Rain NecklaceKenyan Hand Beaded Rain Necklace
Zulu Hand Beaded V NecklaceZulu Hand Beaded V Necklace
Zulu Hand Beaded V Necklace Sale priceR 950.00