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Key Rings & Magnets

Experience the artistry of African craftsmanship with Curiosity's Keyring Collection. Our keyrings, intricately designed with a touch of traditional flair, reflect the rich cultural heritage of the continent. Attach these accessories not just to your keys but to a celebration of the skill and beauty ingrained in African craft traditions.

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Wooden Laser Cut Animal Key RingsWooden Laser Cut Animal Key Rings
Small Warthog Tusk Keyring
Small Warthog Tusk Keyring Sale priceR 200.00
Roadsign Animal Fridge MagnetsRoadsign Animal Fridge Magnets
Stuffed Animal Key Rings (10cm)Stuffed Animal Key Rings (10cm)
Pink Zebra Fridge Magnet
Pink Zebra Fridge Magnet Sale priceR 120.00