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Handcrafted Round African Teke Mask

Sale priceR 850.00

The Teke mask is a circular, moon-shaped disk that lies flat. It is adorned with abstract geometric patterns and horizontal stripes that are painted onto a background of either white or red. These stripes are then painted over with dark earthy colors, such as blue, black, and brown. The symmetrical arrangement of these stripes, both vertically and horizontally, forms an abstract interpretation of a human face. Additionally, the design is composed of symbols.

Each Teke mask is an original piece of art, individually hand-carved, making no two masks exactly alike. These variations from mask to mask reflect the original nature of tribal art. While each piece of a specific style is similar, they are not identical, further adding to the value of each unique work.

Please note that due to the handmade nature of this item, each one is unique and may have variations in colour and design. If you would like to inquire about available stock, please WhatsApp (+27) 082 568 5710 for more details.

Dimensions: H: 4cm; Diameter: 21cm; Weight: 0.335kg

Originating from the upper Ogowe region in Gabon and the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Teke mask is worn by members of the Kidumu society during important events such as funerals of chiefs, weddings, and crucial meetings. The name of the Teke people is derived from their history of trading, with "Teke" meaning "to buy."

The Kidumu tribe, which creates the Teke mask, places great importance on spiritual values, with family being the most critical social unit. Under the patriarch of the family, he has the authority to decide the life and death of all family members, often leading to the ownership of slaves and control over others as a way of increasing his power and reputation. In terms of the spiritual life of the Teke people, the village chief serves as the religious leader, the most vital member of the tribe. He keeps all the potions and spiritual bones used in traditional ceremonies to communicate with the spirits and ensure the safety of his people.

Handcrafted Round African Teke Mask
Handcrafted Round African Teke Mask Sale priceR 850.00