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Congolese Songi Mask

Sale priceR 1,900.00

The African Mask Congo Songi Mask is a must have for collectors. Showcasing intricate hand-craftsmanship, this piece is sure to be an eye-catching conversation starter. Its stunning details are sure to make a lasting impression.

Please note that due to the handmade nature of this item, each one is unique and may have variations in colour and design. If you would like to inquire about available stock, please Whatsapp (+27) 082 568 5710 for more details.


Medium: Small: L: 10.5cm; W: 15cm; H: 21cm; Weight: 0.330kg

Large: L: 16cm; W: 16cm; H: 35cm; Weight: 0.480kg

The Songye people, also known as the Songi or Songe, are an ethnic group from the Democratic Republic of Congo who are known for their unique style of African masks. One of the most distinctive types of Songye masks is the Songi black and white mask.

The Songi black and white mask is typically made from wood and features bold, contrasting colours and abstract geometric designs. The white areas of the mask are usually smooth and polished, while the black areas are textured and rough. The mask is often topped with a crest of feathers or other decorative elements.

In traditional Songye culture, masks like the Songi black and white mask were used in a variety of contexts, including religious ceremonies, funerals, and as symbols of social status and power. Today, these masks are highly valued by collectors and are often displayed in museums and art galleries around the world.

The Songi black and white mask is a beautiful example of African art and craftsmanship. Its bold design and contrasting colors make it a striking piece that can add character and interest to any space.



Congolese Songi Mask
Congolese Songi Mask Sale priceR 1,900.00