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Mounted Leather Namji Warrior

Sale priceR 1,500.00

The Namji people, primarily residing in the northwest region of Cameroon, have a rich cultural heritage that extends to their artistic expressions, particularly in the creation of the Namji Warrior sculptures. These striking sculptures are symbolic representations of the tribe's traditional warriors, embodying strength, courage, and a connection to ancestral spirits.

The Namji people are known for their intricate and symbolic art, often crafted with meticulous detail. The mounted leather Namji Warrior, in particular, draws inspiration from the tribe's history of fierce warriors who played significant roles in protecting their communities.

The use of leather in the sculpture reflects the resourcefulness of the Namji people, who traditionally utilized materials from their natural surroundings. Each detail in the mounted warrior sculpture holds cultural significance, from the depiction of weaponry to facial expressions conveying bravery and determination.

By incorporating a Mounted Leather Namji Warrior into your space, you not only adorn your surroundings with a visually stunning piece but also immerse yourself in the historical narrative of the Namji tribe. It serves as a tangible link to a proud heritage, making it a unique and meaningful addition to any collection of cultural artifacts.

Please note that due to the handmade nature of this item, each one is unique and may have variations in colour and design. If you would like to inquire about available stock, please WhatsApp (+27) 082 568 5710 for more details. 

Dimensions: L: 12cm; W: 6.5cm; H: 50cm; Weight: 0.880kg
Mounted Leather Namji Warrior
Mounted Leather Namji Warrior Sale priceR 1,500.00